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Hey, I’m

Martin Purkis

Reiki Animal Healer


About Me

Reiki Animal Healing, a gentle, painless, non- invasive, stress-free treatment.

I have been a professional Reiki Animal Healer for over twelve years now and am passionate about all animals. Over the years I have worked with horses, dogs, donkeys, goats to name a few.

Clients will often contact me regarding their animals for many different reasons. The animals can present with a number of conditions including, anxiety, attachment, abuse, neglect, stress, pain etc Often there can be a trigger for a certain type of behaviour particularly if they have experienced some form of trauma in the past. This can be the case for rescued animals where there is no history and the client is struggling to understand what is going on.

Reiki is complementary therapy using energy. The way I work is to firstly gently establish a trust between myself and the animal allowing them to become calm and relaxed. Using Reiki, I am able to tune into the animal and try to establish where there may be any problem areas with in the body. Whilst transmitting positive energy to the animal I can often connect with the animal and can communicate this to the owner.

There can also be times when end of life is approaching for the animal and I can provide comfort and reassurance at this very difficult time.

Reiki is totally safe and can be given at a distance or "hands on" depending on the animal.




What do my customers think?

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